Peach Jam Recipe (and some life updates)

Alright so I haven’t posted a recipe or any sort of post in a long while. Life is crazy…how crazy you ask? Well, have you ever had to live with your In-Laws? How about for 4 years with two kids? Yea…it ain’t easy. My husband keeps promising me year after year that we will have our own place and I am hoping that t=before the year is complete that promise will be fulfilled.

Needless to say, I don’t always get along with my In-Laws so its hard to get in a good headspace to write or even cook outside of making dinner for my family. If I attempt to embark on a crazy baking adventure I must have the house in complete order before 5 o’clock or there is hell to pay in the form of snide remarks and “what did you do all day”‘s.

There is no good place for me in my situation to be as creative and passionate in cooking, baking, and blogging the way I want to be. I see/read what other people do/write and I feel like I can never be good enough. Like seriously….why should ANYONE care about what I write or have to say. But despite all that I’ll continue to blog because for every like or comment I receive rejuvenates me in such a positive way. And being a mother of 2 toddlers it is very hard to find d=something that I can do That gives me instant gratification.

RANT OVER! Recipe begins below….

Peach Jam Recipe

This is something I make very often, my oldest especially loves it. Perfect on toast, in yogurt, with some crackers and brie, or just to be eaten by the spoonful!

This particular time that I made it I used half frozen and half fresh peaches. To prepare the fresh peaches I slice an ‘X’ on the bottom and boil for about minutes. The skin slides right of and I slice them into pieces.

I add them to a sauce pan and add sugar; about 3/4 of a cup for 3 cups of peaches, and I also grate in a little nutmeg. (Fun fact: I made this jam as a party favor for my wedding!) Super Easy!

Then, I just let it cook down over medium-low heat for about a half hour. All that’s left to do is let it cool.

And thats it! So to recap….

  • 3 cups of peaches
  • 3/4 cups of sugar
  • 1/2 tsp nutmeg (optional)

Allow to simmer in pot on med/low for 30 minutes.

Pretty peachy-keen if you ask me!

Give me some feedback!!!! (pretty peachy please)

2 thoughts on “Peach Jam Recipe (and some life updates)

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  1. oh dear. I could never ever have lived with my in laws, and my husband could never have lived with mine. I’m so sorry. really. seriously your MIL should remember what it’s like to have been in the midst of raising children. ugh. however, i do love your peach jam recipe!


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